A dictionary of the Old Speech of Earthsea

With a few words from Hardic, Kargish & other languages of Earthsea

Old Speech

agnen   rune of ending

agni   king

ahi eheraihe   unknown; perhaps dismount

ahivaraihe   unknown; perhaps dismount

ahm   the beginning, long ago

aissadan verw nadannan   what was divided is divided

anvassa mane harw pennodathe!   I break the bond that holds you!

arhada   trees of a species unique to the Immanent Grove on Roke

aro?   where is?

arw   here

ayezur   quicksilver, mercury

ekavroe ai oelwantar   the opening of a spell of changing

emenn   open!

es eyemra   our language

essa   foam

essiri   willow

ges   rune conferring endurance

gorbardon   crown

haath   dragon

hoeg   otak; a small mammal

iebera   petal of moly flower

inien   sea

kebbo   rabbit

kest   minnow

lebannen   rowan

medeu   sister, brother

memeas   I will come

nam hietha arw Ged arkvaissa   if thou seekest Ged here find him

noth hierth malk man, hiolk han merth han!   spell for calling goats

ogion   fir cone

ohb   the end

partonath   sepal of moly flower

pirr   rune protecting against fire, wind and madness

senvanissai'n ar Roke!   take/carry us to Roke!

siasa   eyelash

sifl   speed well, the name of a rune

simn   work well, the name of a rune

sobriost   mount!

suk   feather

thesse Kalessin   I am Kalessin

tolk   rock, pebble

turres   semen

verw nadan   the division

Yaved   Trimmer's Dell, a valley on Gont


alath   people, human beings, speaking beings

alherath   speakers of the Old Speech, including wizards and dragons

arkemmi   give me!

corly   herb whose root is burned in treatment of fever

esege   creative force, breath, poetry

harrekki   tiny dragon

hazia   plant whose root is chewed to give visions

hemmen   type of tree

hurbah   small tree on which silkworms feed, probably mulberry-like

kabat   pebble

nilgu   giant brown seaweed

otak   a small mammal native to Roke and a few other isles, hoeg in the Old Speech

pendick   red-flowering tree

perriot   herb whose leaves are used to staunch bleeding

seoge   make, shape, come intentionally to be [Old Hardic]

sukien   foam

turbies   oily fish

ubir   smooth-shelled nut


arren   sword

arrendek   little sword

-dek   diminutive suffix


akhad   firstborn child

kelub   the red one

serret   silver

terrenon ussbuk orrek!   unknown; perhaps a warning about the Terrenon stone


akath   sorcery, sorceror

arha   the eaten one, the one who has been devoured

azver   banner of war

barrezú   acceptance of thanks

edran   leader of an army; dragon, drake

eduevana   the other breath (words spoken in a trance)

feyag   traditional Kargish woman's dress, with veiled face

feyagat   veiled

gaínha   queen

gadda   firstborn child

ganaí   princess

hama Gondun   a woman on Gont

kerez akath akatharwa erevi   unknown; relates to a talisman

mekrevt   unknown; perhaps help me

seyneha?   do you understand?

Tehanu   white summer star; in Hardic, 'the Heart of the Swan' or 'the Arrow'

therru   burning, the flaming of fire

tuaho   aspen