Masters of Roke


The men (and women) who served as Masters of Roke



A Wizard of Earthsea

On the
High Marsh

The Farthest Shore
The Other Wind
Archmage Halkel of Way* Nemmerle; Gensher of Way Ged Ged –†
Changer n/d 'a young man' n/d 'a grey-haired man with a kindly look', from eastern Enlad ««« ««« «««
Chanter** n/d n/d n/d 'deep-chested, solid as an oaken cask', from Havnor ««« ««« «««
Doorkeeper Medra 'an old man', with mild eyes and a ready smile n/d 'A little man of no age… His face was dry, and coloured like ivory, and he had a pleasant smile that made long curves in his cheeks' ««« ««« «««
Finder Medra; later an unnamed young woman **
Hand Hega of O 'a gentle and light-hearted old man' n/d 'a slight, quick man, modest of bearing but with clear and seeing eyes' ««« ««« «««
Herbal Dory of Pody n/d Deyala Deyala Deyala Deyala Deyala
Namer§ Possibly Crow n/d n/d 'a big, thin, old man, white-haired under his dark hood' ««« ««« 'forty or so. His face was calm and closed'
Patterner Elehal n/d n/d Azver Azver Azver Azver
Summoner 'a grey-haired mage from Ilien' 'a stern man, aged and hardened by the deep and sombre wizardry he taught' Thorion Thorion Thorion Thorion Brand
Windkey n/d »»» »»» 'a lean, keen-eyed man' ««« ««« Gamble

*In 730; †no newArchmage was chosen after Ged's loss of magic; **Halkel of Way, the first Archmage, abolished the title of Finder and replaced it with Chanter after 730; §the Namer is always called Kurremkarmerruk


n/d not described
««« as previously
»»» as subsequently


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