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Jackass Hill

Hill near Westpool on the island of Way

Sources: Dragonfly, TfE


Son of Enwit, Lord of the Domain of Eolg on Havnor Isle. Described as very tall, handsome and graceful. Studied at Roke, but never gained his wizard's staff. Became sorcerer in the Lord of O's household at O-Tokne on the Island of O

Sources: The School for Wizards, WoE; Iffish, WoE

'He was two or three years older than Ged, very tall, and he moved and carried himself with stiff grace, posing (Ged thought) like a dancer.'

[The School for Wizards, WoE]

Jaws of Enlad

Great sea channel to the east of Enlad, running between strings of islets called the North & South Teeth

Sources: The Hawk's Flight, WoE


Medium-sized, inhabited island in the southerly end of the West Reach, near Obb. Has farms and orchards

Sources: Orm Embar, FS; Palaces, OW

'Land lay ahead, low and blue in the afternoon like a bank of mist. … the eastern isle, Jessage, looked burned and black as far as they could see inland from the shore, and a haze hung blue and dull above it.'

[Orm Embar, FS]


Itinerant entertainers on many islands of the Archipelago. Juggling and sleight of hand are among the arts taught by Master Hand at the Roke School of Wizardry. Kossil and Thar of Atuan mention 'jugglery', so the art is at least known in the Kargad Lands

Sources: Dreams and Tales, ToA; Darkrose and Diamond, TfE



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