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Also known as: Veil

One of the founders of the School of Wizardry on Roke in around 650; by three years the older sister of Elehal. Described as very tall, with a mild gentle voice, yet implacable. Her parents and brothers were killed by raiders from Wathort when she was a child

Sources: The Finder, TfE


Unit of distance used in Earthsea; as with other imperial measures, presumably silently translated from the actual unit

Sources: Hunting, WoE; The Wall around the Place, ToA


Also known as: Kest

Youngest sister of Vetch of Iffish; like him dark-skinned. Her true name, Kest, means minnow. Said to be 'ignorant of all sorcery but wise in other things.'a Married a house-carpenter in Iffish with whom she has three daughters

Sources: Iffish, WoE; The Rowan Tree, FS (a)

'…her eyes when not hidden were clear, shy, and curious. She was perhaps fourteen years old, dark like her brother, but very slight and slender. On her sleeve there clung, winged and taloned, a dragon no longer than her hand.'

[Iffish, WoE]


See Trimmer's Dell


The king's lieutenant and one of Lebannen's most trusted officers; based at the imperial court in Havnor City

Sources: Palaces, OW


Stream northwest of Mount Onn on Havnor island; it runs by Endlane and Samory

Sources: The Finder, TfE


Also known as: Dragon of Pendor

Ancient male dragon. Laid waste to the west of Osskil in the time of Morred, being driven forth by the wizard Elt, and to the island of Pendor four generations before A Wizard of Earthsea. Apparently capable of shape-changing, he lives in human form for four years on Sattins island in the East Reach as the wizard, Mr Underhill, after being temporarily driven from Pendor by the League after around a hundred years of occupation. Later returns to Pendor, where Ged defeats him by knowing his name, binding him and his offspring not to fly eastwards to the Archipelago. Of his eight sons by a she-dragon of the West Reach, Ged kills six

Sources: The Rule of Names, W12Q; The Dragon of Pendor, WoE

'When he was all afoot his scaled head, spike-crowned and triple-tongued, rose higher than the broken tower's height, and his taloned forefeet rested on the rubble of the town below. His scales were grey-black, catching the daylight like broken stone. Lean as a hound he was and huge as a hill. Ged stared in awe. There was no song or tale could prepare the mind for this sight.'

[The Dragon of Pendor, WoE]

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Small island in the northern East Reach, near Sattins



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