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Black Well of Fundaur

Also known as: Fundaur, Black Well of

The capping of the Black Well of Fundaur is reckoned among Ged's famous deeds. Emanations from Fundaur are mentioned as making the Acastan Spells powerless. It may have been a site where the Old Powers were strong

Sources: The Rowan Tree, FS; The Bones of the Earth, TfE

Dragons' Way

A path in the mountains of Hur-at-Hur along which small, flightless dragons crawl annually to the Place of the Sacrifice for the spring sacrifice; it's taboo to set foot on it. Also used as a synonym for the other wind, the realm of dragons

Sources: The Dragon Council, OW; Rejoining, OW

'"It's a path, all smooth dust, made by their bellies crawling along it every year since time began."'

[The Dragon Council, OW]


The planet, including all the islands of the Archipelago, the Reaches and the Kargad Lands, as well as the Open Sea and any undiscovered islands beyond the map. The existence of a magnetic north suggests the planet may have a molten metallic core

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Fundaur, Black Well of

See Black Well of Fundaur

Other wind

Also known as: West beyond the west

Realm of dragons in the west beyond the west, outside time; dragons inhabit it in body, while men can only go there in spirit. Knowledge of it has been lost in the Archipelago, but it's referred to in the Song of the Woman of Kemay. The dragons claim that half this realm was stolen in ancient times by mages (the Rune Makers) making walls of spells to exclude dragons; the stolen region became the dry land of the Archipelagan afterlife. At the end of The Other Wind, these barriers are destroyed; the other wind is made whole again, and restored to the dragons

Sources: Going to the Falcon's Nest, T; Palaces, OW; The Dragon Council, OW; Rejoining, OW

'"Do you think we dragons fly only on the winds of this world? Do you think our freedom, for which we gave up all possessions, is no greater than that of the mindless seagulls? That our realm is a few rocks at the edge of your rich islands? You own the earth, you own the sea. But we are the fire of sunlight, we fly the wind!"'

[Rejoining, OW]

Place of the Sacrifice

A place on Hur-at-Hur to which small, flightless dragons crawl annually along the Dragons' Way for the spring sacrifice

Sources: The Dragon Council, OW

West beyond the west

See Other wind



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