A list of fan-written stories & poems for the Earthsea series by Ursula Le Guin. Compiled by the Espresso Addict


Hoag, by Rumpleghost (general)
Summary: Jasper, the otak, and the end of summer.

Available at: Archive Of Our Own
Length: medium story
Main characters: Jasper, Vetch, Otak
Pairing: m/m
Source: A Wizard of Earthsea
Time set: During Earthsea Quartet
Date published: 2011
Written for: Yuletide 2011

The Song of the Silent, by Werecat (general)
Summary: A tale of otaks during Sunreturn. Because I cried like an 8-year old when Ged's otak died

Available at: Skyehawke, Fanfiction.net, Earthsea Fiction LJ
Length: short vignette
Main characters: Otak
Pairing: none
Source: A Wizard of Earthsea
Time set: Unknown
Date published: 2005