A list of fan-written stories & poems for the Earthsea series by Ursula Le Guin. Compiled by the Espresso Addict

short poem

Poems of 20 lines or under

The Farthest Shore, by Dark Star Phoenix (general)
Summary: A poem depicting the events at the end of The Farthest Shore

Available at: Fanfiction.net
Main characters: Ged, Lebannen
Pairing: none
Source: The Farthest Shore
Time set: During Earthsea Quartet
Date published: 2006

Tenar's Story, by Queen of the Dragons (general)
Summary: The story of Tenar and Ged

Available at: Fanfiction.net
Main characters: Tenar, Ged, Tehanu
Pairing: m/f
Source: Tombs of Atuan, Tehanu, The Other Wind
Time set: Multiple
Date published: 2004