A list of fan-written stories & poems for the Earthsea series by Ursula Le Guin. Compiled by the Espresso Addict

Gedo Senki (film)

Tales from Earthsea: The story of the movie, by LuluLullaby (general)
Summary: The story of Ged, the most powerful wizard in Earthsea, and his attempts to protect Prince Arren from his evil rival Cob. Together with Therru, a girl he rescues from slave takers, Arren unites with Ged to defeat Cob and return balance to the world.

Available at: Fanfiction.net
Length: novella
Main characters: Ged, Lebannen, Tehanu
Pairing: m/f
Source: Gedo Senki (film)
Time set: During Earthsea Quartet
Date published: 2010

Tales from Earthsea 2 (The worth of a dragon), by Romancefan97 (general; WIP)
Summary: It's a new adventure developing the love betwen Arren and Therru.

Available at: Fanfiction.net
Length: medium story
Main characters: Lebannen, Tehanu, Hare
Pairing: m/f
Source: Gedo Senki (film)
Time set: After Gedo Senki
Date published: 2012