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Hainish Cycle

The Color of Shadow by Ellen Fremedon

'"Your friend there," Arguyry said after a long interval of breadapple, just loud enough that Oppong could have overheard if she were listening, "when hopes for?" And before Kushud could try on other shades of meaning—await, anticipate, expect—the question neatly rearranged itself in her head: "When is your friend due?"' A richly detailed tale of complex cultural misunderstandings as an ill-assorted pair of first visitors bumble around Gethen. The delicately sketched Annaresti OC flares into life to make this piece

[Added 28/10/2014; Drama; 2500-6000; Ursula Le Guin – Hainish Cycle]

The End and the Way by Luzula

'On Posthe Tuwa of the Year One in the reign of Argaven XII, Harny Sord of Gernahan gave birth to a pervert.' This quietly moving coming-of-age tale explores Gethen via an engaging OC who is a 'female pervert', but it encompasses so much more than just a queer slant on the universe's gender norms. Simply wonderful!

[Added 04/02/2012; Drama; 6000-20,000; Ursula Le Guin – Hainish Cycle]

The First Train to Brotherhood by Arrogantemu

'The first train to Brotherhood arrived in the middle of the night, with the moon high and mottled overhead. Brotherhood did not, technically, exist yet, except as the terminus of the line...' Insightful story about the earliest settlers of Anarres, and the way that language shapes thought

[Added 05/07/2016; Drama; 1000-2500; Ursula Le Guin – Hainish Cycle]

Living the revolution by Leaf Litter

'"They'd be stupid then," Laia told him. "They ought to lock it away for preservation. When we're safely dead, and the revolution with us, it will probably be worth a fortune to the collectors, in their fine libraries of revolutionary books, and their fine counter-revolutionary minds."' This thoughtful view of Laia Odo's philosophies & the problems of running a revolutionary movement, was made for me by a gem of an original character ('The Day Before the Revolution')

[Added 04/10/2013; Drama; 2500-6000; Ursula Le Guin – Hainish Cycle]

A Piece of the Continent by Epigone

'Then there are the questions. Or rather, there aren't the questions. But it isn't immediately apparent, because at first they seem to speak like anyone on any other world.' Long sequel to The Left Hand of Darkness, with excellent characterisation, beautifully measured pacing & a superb evocation of an alien culture. An amazing achievement -- I wouldn't blink at seeing this in a Le Guin collection

[Added 25/11/2011; Drama; 6000-20,000; Ursula Le Guin – Hainish Cycle]