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Mansfield Park

As the Starling Said by Minerva McTabby

'Mary soon developed the habit of speaking a sufficiency of words while telling nothing at all. Indeed, there was nothing to tell; she had not seen Henry since it all began, though not for any lack of wishing or striving on her part.' Well-written pastiche, with a particularly strong insight into the incurably optimistic Mary Crawford. For those unwilling to be convinced by Austen slash, there's also a shorter, slash-free version

[Added 06/08/2009; Drama; 6000-20,000; Jane Austen – Mansfield Park]

The Dancing Monkeys by Ione

'William's brows lifted, reminding Crawford that, despite his younger age, Lieutenant Price had seen far more of the world, and a rougher world, than had Henry Crawford. "He's old in sin. Old in sin." Then William said diffidently, "I don't quite understand what happened—that is, I am conscious of how much I owe you, sir, for your—yes, I can see you do not want to be reminded, but hang it all, what I'm trying to say is, if you wish, I can take you by one ten times better, and for half the cost."' By the magic of plot devicium, Henry winds up aboard the Laconia for his sins. Observing that 'Henry had always matched his tone to his company', Ione makes this unlikely crossover work beautifully, and the novelette is packed with delicious historical details as well as cameos from both sources. And the penultimate line really packs a punch

[Added 16/01/2019; Drama; 6000-20,000; Jane Austen – Mansfield Park; Crossover]

Everingham by Katharine T

'Thus Mr. Crawford won his way with a little art, which Fanny would have been ashamed to practice. His end was good, and his means had no real bad in them. He mostly spoke with sincerity, and if he exaggerated just a little, who could blame him?' Long satisfying AU in which, rather than meet Maria Rushworth at a dinner party, Crawford returns to Everingham and courts Fanny in earnest. The pastiche isn't quite as accomplished as some Austenfics I've recommended, but solid characterisations make up for any flaws. Perfect comfort reading if you like to be convinced that rakes are capable of reform

[Added 25/08/2013; Romance/Erotica; 20,000-50,000; Jane Austen – Mansfield Park]

Love and Marriage by Solvent90

'Henry Crawford found that such of his wife's rusticities as he least adored – and, as the time passed, grew most to deplore – were the ones most resistant to all that town acquaintance and town entertainments could do.' A thoughtful look at how it might have turned out if the novel had ended differently, with characterisations that feel very true to the original. Highly recommended

[Added 17/07/2009; Drama; 2500-6000; Jane Austen – Mansfield Park]

Marriage Vows by Silvestria

'Julia's first thought on Mr. Yates being announced was annoyance. She had only liked him as someone to whom she could freely complain about the cast of Lovers Vows.' A satisfying gapfiller that fleshes out the cipher that is Julia in canon & explores her choices

[Added 07/08/2014; Character Piece; 6000-20,000; Jane Austen – Mansfield Park]

Regrets and Reminiscences by afrai

I don't think I've ever seen Austen pastiche done better. Mansfield Park fanfiction is thin on the ground, and Afrai rewards the reader with interesting insights into Crawford through Edmund's eyes. I'm rather conflicted over the slash element, though

[Added 13/01/2005; Drama; 6000-20,000; Jane Austen – Mansfield Park]

Symmetry by Ankaret

'"Then why, pray, are you become a bore, my love? Is your digestion plaguing you, or have you become an Evangelical?"' Delicate conversation piece, which reviews the events of the novel through the Crawfords' eyes

[Added 25/11/2011; Character Piece; 1000-2500; Jane Austen – Mansfield Park]