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My rationale in selecting stories for this recommendations archive is to showcase some of the very best fanfiction in those fandoms that I read. I strive to select works that are particularly innovative or stylish: present or future fandom classics. Clearly, these are just personal opinions, but I hope you will share them! I particularly enjoy plausible alternate universes & crossovers, well-crafted original & minor characters, casefiles, future fics and pastiche, so these sub-genres are probably over-represented here. The majority of recommendations are for sf & fantasy, but there's also a good selection of rare literature.

I prefer not to present a summary or detailed critique when describing stories, providing only a teaser to whet the readers' appetite for the story itself. For this reason, I rarely state pairings. For convenience, stories are indexed by title, author, character, date added, length & genre. For further reading, check out the archives, recommendations & awards sites and author sites in the links section.

I only recommend freely accessible material; unfortunately there is no guarantee that works will not subsequently be removed from public access. Almost all stories recommended here are complete; occasional works in progress are marked 'WiP'.

This site is designed for adults. While not focused on erotica, most works will not be suitable for under-12s. Some works which struck me as being particularly graphic (whether explicit erotica or extreme violence) are denoted 'Adult', but nervous or underage readers should proceed with care and always check the author's rating.

Feedback & suggestions are welcomed. Updates to this site will be announced in Espresso Diary.

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