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20 November 2011

Glossary items added or updated: Hort Town, Seven Great Ports in Earthsea

4 February 2011

Link added: Archive of Our Own

17 November 2009

Links added: Earthsea Fanfiction Masterlist, Song of Life Fanlisting

15 August 2006

Link added: Ursula Le Guin's response to Gedo Senki

23 April 2006

Link added: Gedo Senki synopsis

18 March 2006

Glossary items added or updated: Deed of the Young King, Education, Ged's staff, Rules of Names, Serriadh, Shelieth, Skin colour, Soléa

6 March 2006

Link added: Skyehawke archive

25 February 2006

Links added: Hayao Miyazaki Web: Gedo Senki, 'Shame', a commentary by Pam Noles on the SciFi adaptation

12–15 February 2006

Glossary items added or updated: Animals, Beards, Beltow, Birt, Blackbeard, Disease, East Creek, Fabric, Fireworks, Fogeno, Food, Gan, Great House of Roke, Guld, Herbal remedies, Huts, Inalkil, Inns, League, Long Banks, Magicians' workroom, Materials, Music, Palani, Plants, Pondi, Popi, Potions, Queenie, Rushwash tea, Ruuna, Sattins, Sattins Harbor, Shape-changing, Ships, Stone of Shelieth, Suba, Titles, Tools, Trade, Turbies, Udrath, Underhill, Venway, West Shore, Wine, Yarrow, Yevaud

Indexing commenced from The Wind's Twelve Quarters

Links updated: Included Japanese title for Studio Ghibli's adaptation

17–19 January 2006

Glossary items added or updated: Agnen, Albatross, Animals, Aspen, Bailiffs, Beds and bedlinen, Bluecrab, Borth, Building materials, Bridgeman, Clearbrook, Credit, Currency, Disease, Doorkeeper, Ending, Feathers, Flint, Food, Gender roles, Gont Mountain, Hair styles, Hake, Handy, Heno, High Creek farm, Industry, Isle-men, King's Courts of Law, Land ownership, Lark, Laundry, Littleash, Mayor, Oak Farm, Oak Springs, Officers of the peace, Pack, Plants, Proverbs, Re Albi mansion house, Reincarnation, Restoration of the Archipelagan monarchy, Rogmy, Rowan, Sheriffs, Tadpole, Tally, Tenar, Tholy, Townsend, Turby, Valmouth, Valmouth Bay

Links added: Studio Ghibli, Advertising poster: Tales from Earthsea

Other: Included details of 'The Word of Unbinding' & 'The Rule of Names' plus cover scan of The Wind's Twelve Quarters (books of the Earthsea cycle, in Factfiles)

Current contents: 975 glossary entries; 87 words in dictionary; 80 timeline events; 16 links; 4 factfiles/profiles. Glossary entries now complete for Tehanu

11–14 January 2006

Glossary items added or updated: Allage, Akambar, Animals, Ar, Archery, Archmage, Ark, Armed Cliffs, Armouth, Bath tub, Beech Springs, Black Ships, Cherry, Children's tales, Chodur, Clearbrook, Clothing, men's, Clothing, women's, Council of the Wise, Crown of Morred, Daisy of Gont, Decorative arts, Deed of the Young King, Desi Port, Dohun, Down Wiss, East Port, Emah, Enashen, Essary, Etreke, Ferao, Festival of Sunreturn, Firn, Flint, Food, Food preservation, Gesture, Gont, Gont Port, Gont South Port, Gontish sheep-guard, Government, Gull of Eskel, Hair styles, Hake, Hama Gondun, Handy, Havnor, Healing, Heno, Hot Springs Mountain, Ivy, Kaheda, Kahedanan, Kapperding Scarp, Kebas, Kedun, Keep of Kalessin, Kemay, Ketoleko, King of All the Isles, King's Courts of Law, Korry, Lar Ashal, Lark, Laundry, Legal and punitive systems, Lights, Lissu, Long Fells, Lotin, Making, Masters of Roke, Materials, Medu, Middle Valley, Mill Lane, Mountains of Pain, Northeast Sea, Northward Vale, Norvale, O, Oak Farm, Oak Village, Ogion, Oskres, Plants, Relli, Roke, Round Hill, Rushwork, Sands of Onneva, Selt, Serd Inner Port, Serrathen, Serriadh, Serry, Sesesry, Shag, Shandy, Shinny, Ships, Shops, Sis, Sodeva, Solwes, Spark, Tagtar, Tant, Taxation, Ten Alders, Tettego, Thwil Bay, Tiff, Timan, Tools, Toss, Tutok Bay, Up Norvale, Up Selt, Use-name, Valmouth, Var, Western domain, Wine, Wiss, Women of the Hand

4–9 January 2006

Glossary items added or updated: Allernots, Amia, Andaur, Andrad, Andrades, Apso, Arrins, Aspen, Avad, Bars of Uny, Besu, Bishi, Borth, Carding, Children's tales, Chemish, Closed Sea, Clothing, women's, Decorative arts, Deed of Hode, Derhemen, Disease, Dromgan, Dunnel, Dyeing, Ebishi, Ebosskil, Ensmer, Esen, Eskel, Ettil, Fabric, Faltuel, Ferrins, Food, Food preservation, Gale, Games, Garhirien, Gate of Selidor, Gender roles, Gesture, Great South Shoals, Gmet, Gravels, Gut of Osskil, Hands, Handy, Hille, Hode, Ingat, Insmer, Kaltuel, Kember, Kembermouth, Komokome, Laundry, Lef, Lord of Re Albi, Materials, Mishport, Misk, Namien, Near Kaltuel, Nesh, Norst, North Reach, Old Mage's House, Onon, Orandrad, Orrimy, Osskil, Osskil Sea, Otrad, Outer Innran, Passage of Felkway, Perilane, Plants, Property law, Re Albi, Re Albi mansion house, Revnian Mountains, Risk, Rogmy, Sattins, Sea-House, Selidor, Sellets, Seppish, Serd, Set, Simly, Songs, Sorresk, Sort, South Reach, Sowl, Spinning, Story of Andaur and Avad, Sword of Erreth-Akbe, Taverns, Teeth, Tesk, Toop, Torning, Travel & transport, Udrath, Uny, Wasny, Waymarsh, Weaving, West Reach, Whale Isles, Yennava, Yor

29 November 2005

Glossary items added or updated: Clothing, women's, Decorative arts, Disease, Fabric, Fan, Food, Lark, Plants, Tenar, Vedurnan, Weaver Fan

15–21 November 2005

Glossary items added or updated: Animals, Armour, Basket, Beds and bedlinen, Building materials, Brost, Cat's cradles, Children's tales, Clothing, men's, Currency, Dagger, Decorative arts, Dragon-humans, Dragon Year, Erreth-Akbe, Fabric, Fleecefell, Food preservation, Gehis of the Havens, Gender roles, Godking's soldiers, Kaheda, King's guards, Headgear, Heather, Heru, Inward Isles, Lord of Re Albi, Maharion, Maps, Materials, Middle Valley, Old Mage's House, Oven, Piracy, Proverbs, Quor, Selidor, Soldiers, Tenar, Townsend, Trade, Way of Power, Wine, Witches, Writing

Dictionary items added: ahi eheraihe, ahivaraihe

Other: Added two stories to books of the Earthsea cycle (in Factfiles)

5–11 November 2005

Glossary items added or updated: Anthil, Aol, Archipelago, Aspen, Atuan, Beds and bedlinen, Beech, Beggary, Big House, Bronze-smith of Ten Alders, Ceremonies of the darkness, Clearbrook, Cloud Cape, Crafty men, Crime, Cutnorth Cliff, Dagger, Dance, Decorative arts, Duby, East Forest, East Port, Empty Throne, Ensar, Entat, Fabric, Fan, Fogweaving, Food preservation, Furnishings, Games, Gesture, Gont, Gont Mountain, Gontish Sea, Gruel, Hake, Hall of the Throne, Handy, Hair styles, Headgear, Healing, High Fall, Inner Lands, Inmost Sea, Inward Isles, Iron door, Ivy, Jaws of Enlad, Jugglers, Kaheda, Karego-At, Labyrinth, Lark, Legal and punitive systems, Lookfar, Lord of Re Albi, Manan, Maps, Materials, Midden, Moss, Nameless Ones, Northward Vale, Oak Springs, Ogion, Old Serpent of Andrad, Otter of Shelieth, Ovark, Painted Room, Patterning, Penthe, Pirr, Place of the Tombs, Placing of the sacred words upon the doors, Poison, Punti, Queens, Re Albi, Red rock door, Ritual of the Unspoken, Room of Bones, Room of Chains, Sacrifice, Semermine, Senini, Serilune, Shag, Shandy, Shape-changing, Sis, Small House, Songs, Talismans, Tehanu, Temere, Temple of the God-brothers, Temple of the Godking, Ten Alders, Tiff, Tomb Wall, Tools, Townsend, Treasury of the Tombs, Undertomb, Vissti, Weaving, Western Mountains, Witches, Wizard of Gont Port, Woman of Kemay, White hallows, Wiss

Glossary index page added, with sub-indexing & alphabetical quick links for rapid access. Indexing commenced from Tehanu (11 Nov)

Other: Changed Tehanu cover scan to first UK edition (books of the Earthsea cycle, in Factfiles)

26 October – 1 November 2005

Glossary items added or updated: Arhada, Art magic, Atwah, Book of the Undertakings of the Makers, Books, Childhood name, Chronicles of Enlad, Clothing, women's, Compass, Creation of Éa, Deed of Ged, Deed of Erreth-Akbe, Deed of the Young King, Dice and sticks, Dragons, Dragons' Way, Dry land, Earthsea, Footwear, Games, Ged, Gesture, Hardic runes, Healing, Hemmen, History of the Wise Heroes, Immanent Grove, Immortality, Lebannen, Library of the Kings, Lights, Lossow, Magic, Making, Maps, Marriage, Master Changer, Master Doorkeeper, Master Namer, Master Summoner, Matter of the Dragons, Moon's Night, Mother knowledge, Mountains of Pain, Naming, 'O my Joy!', Other wind, Otter's House, Plants, Reincarnation, Religion and the afterlife, Ring of Erreth-Akbe, Roke, Roke Knoll, Rune Makers, Segoy, Seserakh, Six Hundred Runes of Hardic, Song of the Sparrowhawk, Songs, Sorra, Superstitions, Talismans, Tehanu, 'Three things were that will not be', Thwilburn, True name, True Runes, Twin Gods, Unmaking, Use-name, Vedurnan, Wall of stones, Weaving, Writing, Wuluah

Glossary entries now complete for The Other Wind

Dictionary items added: anvassa mane harw pennodathe!, ekavroe ai oelwantar, es eyemra, hemmen, kerez akath akatharwa erevi, mekrevt, terrenon ussbuk orrek!

Link added: Song of Life: Earthsea fanlisting

Other: 3 new Factfiles: the books of the Earthsea cycle (with cover scans); maps; the Masters of Roke. Rune Makers added to the Timeline. 13 new buttons & banners for linking to the site (available on links page)

30 August – 2 September 2005

Glossary items added or updated: Acting, Alder, Ammaud, Andanden, Ar, Archery, Astowell, Ath, Bay of Havnor, Beards, Beds and bedlinen, Berry of Havnor, Black Mage, Boatwright Street, Building materials, Calendar, Children of the Open Sea, Chips, Clothing, men's, Clothing, women's, Colleges, Communication, Creation of Éa, Dark Folk, Decorative arts, Disease, Dolphin, Dragon Council, Dragon-humans, Dragons, Dragons' Way, Dry land, Ea, East Reach, Ebéa, Egre, Equinox sacrifice, Enlades, Entertainment, Fabric, Falcon, Faliern Mountains, Far Sorr, Far Toly, Feathers, Footwear, Furnishings, Games, Ged, Gemal Sea-born, Gesture, Gont, Gore, Gosk, Government, Great Ones, Grey Mage of Paln, Guards, Havnor, Havnor City, Hogen Land, Holp, Horses, House of Enlad, House of Hupun, House of Tarb, House of the Great Ones, Hunting, Iffish, Immanent Grove, Inns, Intathin, Irian, Isle of the Ear, Isles of Sand, Jessage, Kemay, King's Council, Kopp, Koppish, Kornay, Korp, Lady of Ebéa, Lady of O-tokne, Lament for Erreth-Akbe, Legal and punitive systems, Lips of Paor, Lord of Felkway, Lore of Paln, Materials, Morred's High Seat, Music, Nameday, New Palace, Obb, Old Powers, Old Speech, Omer, Onneva River, Ontuego, Opal, Orm, Orm Irian, Other wind, O-tokne, Painted Room, Paln, Passage into manhood, Pelimer, Pelnish Sea, Pendulum of Ath, Perfume, Perregal, Pets, Place of the Sacrifice, Poetry, Precepts, Proverbs, Religion and the afterlife, Reincarnation, Resbel, Revelation Spell, Rody, Rolomeny, Rood, Sacrifice, Sand clocks, Sandglass, Seppel, Servants, Seserakh, Ships, Showl, Siege of Sorra, Simly, Slavery, Sneg, Soders, Song of the Woman of Kemay, Songs & chants, South Reach, Sowl, Spark, Spevy, Spring sacrifice, Superstitions, Tatoos, Taxation, Tehanu, Telling the hours, 'The Lass of Belilo', Thoroughgood, Throne room, Time, Tok, Tolbegren, Toom, Torheven, Torikles, Toringates, Tosla, Tower of Alabaster, Tower of the Kings, Tower of the Queen, Trade, Trade guilds, Tug, Ully, Usidero, Vedurnan, Venway, Vetch, War, Water, Weapons & armour, West Reach, 'Where my Love is Going', Witch-Fingers, Wizard's staff, Woman of Kemay, Yenay

Other: Construction of the New Palace/River House, Plague loosed on Paln and Semel, Siege of Sorra and abolition of slavery, and Dragon Council added to timeline

22–26 August 2005

Glossary items added or updated: Agnen, Alder, Animals, Apple, Archipelago, Atnini, Azver, Barley gruel, Basket, Bereswek, Beryl, Beverages, non-alcoholic, Biddy, Birthmark, Bond Rune, Books & writing, Brand, Clothing, men's, Council Room, Court, Dagger, Dance, Decorative arts, Deyala, Dolphin, Dry Land, Ea, Earthsea, Ebéa, Enlades, Enwas, Fabric, Farflyer, Felkway, Feyag, Food, Footwear, Furnishings, Gannet, Garden door, Ged, Ges, Gesture, Gobefore, Godking, Gont Port, Government, Great House of Roke, Grey wizard, Hair styles, Havnor City, Headgear, Healing, Heather, High King, Houses, town, Hur-at-Hur, Iddi, Immanent Grove, Irian, Iyesa, Kalessin, Kameber, Kargad Lands, Kargish, Kargish architecture, King's Council, King's Tale, Language, Lebannen, Lights, Lily, Little Grey, Magic, Marriage, Master Changer, Master Doorkeeper, Master Hand, Master Namer, Materials, Mending, Midwifery, Military matters, Moss, Names, New Palace, North Reach, O, Oak, Oak Farm, Old Black, Old Powers, Onyx, Other breath, Otter's House, Passage of Felkway, Pippin, Pirr, Plants, Pouch, Pretty Rose, Proverbs, Rambles, Re Albi, Reaches, Ring of Erreth-Akbe, River House, Rune of the Closed Door, Rune of the Closed Mouth, Rune of the Talon, Runes, Sege, Segoy, Sending, Serrenen, Seserakh, Shelieth, Ships, Stony, Sifl, Simn, Sippy, Snowflakes, Summoning, Taon, Tehanu, Tenar, Tern, Thol, Throne of Thoreg, Thorion, Tosla, Tug, Twin Gods, Wall of stones, Witch marriage, Witch of Ten Alders

Glossary entries now complete for all the stories collected in Tales from Earthsea: 'The Finder', 'Darkrose and Diamond', 'The Bones of the Earth', 'On the High Marsh' and 'Dragonfly'. Indexing commenced from The Other Wind

Dictionary items added: agnen, ges, noth hierth malk man, hiolk han merth han!, pirr, sifl, simn

2–3 February 2005

Glossary items added or updated: Back door, Beds and bedlinen, Broom, Clothing, men's, Court of the Fountain, Disease, Enwit, Eolg, Fanian, Fireworks, Gar, Garden door, Hair styles, Headgear, Horses, Iria Hill, Irian, Ivory, Jackass Hill, Keksemt Moors, Leng, Magelight, Mountains of Os, Names, Neshum, O Port, Old Iria, Onneva River, Ossawa, O-Tokne, Passage into manhood, Proverbs, School of Wizardry, Sea Otter, Ships, Teller, Temple of the Godking, Tenacbah, Wayfirth, Werelight, Wine

17 December 2004

Links added: Fans of Ursula Le Guin livejournal, A Whitewashed Earthsea (essay by Ursula K Le Guin about the miniseries)

13–15 December 2004

Glossary items added or updated: Alder, Birch, Blackberry, Book of Shaping, Bren, Bucky, Changing, Chanting, Coney, Credit, Curer, Daisy of Iria, Dragon's fire, Elini, Finding, Footwear, High Marsh, Illusion, Iria, Irian, Irioth, Kembermouth, Legal and punitive systems, Lily, Lords of Way, Master of Iria, Mayor of Sosara, Mending, Meoni, Mildi, Naming, Patterning, Proverbs, Purewells, Rose of Old Iria, Rose of Westpool, Sea of Éa, Shelieth, Sosara, Summoning, Taon, Water, Way, Weatherworking, Westpool

Links added: Earthsea fiction livejournal, Earthsea in Chlorox (essay by Ursula K Le Guin about the miniseries)

9–11 December 2004

Glossary items added or updated: Acastan Spells, Accounting & mathematics, Andanden, Arcana of the Enlades, Ark, Ath's House, Barnisk, Beer, Black Well of Fundaur, Bog Lake, Book of Runes, Borilous Rocks, Brown Bucca, Burning Bush, Candor, Clothing -- women's, Crow, Daisy of Oraby, Dance, Dark Pond, Darkrose, Deed of the Dragonlords, Diamond, Dory, Early, Easthill, Ebavnor Straits, Elassen, Elehal, Endlane, Ennas of Perregal, Ennio, Essary, Faliern, Felkway, Ferny, Festival of the Lambs, Fireworks, Food, Gadge Brewer, Gammer, Glade, Glosses of Danemer, Golden, Goldie, Great House of Roke, Grey, Havnor, Havnor South Port, Hega of O, Heleth, Hemlock, Hound, Houses -- town, Ilien, Jugglers, Kamery, King, Labby, Lay of the Lost Queen, Legal and punitive systems, Leggings, Lights, Lord of the Western Land, Losen, Lowbough, Magic, Medra, Mesreth, Mote, Music, Nameday, Narveduen, Nemmerle, New Palace, North Sudidi, Omer, Oraby, Perregal, Puppeteers, Re Albi, Reche, Red Bucca, Restive, Rissi, Root, Rose of Endlane, Rule of Roke, Rush, Sava, Semere, Servants, Seserakh, Ship-building, Sixth, Songs & chants, Stormcloud, Sul, Tangle, Tarry, Telio, Thol, Torheven, Trade, Travel & transport, Trimmer's Dell, Tuly, Waris, 'Where my Love is Going', Wizard's staff

Other: Events relating to founding of Roke added to timeline

6 December 2004

Glossary items added or updated: Apple, Books & writing, Calendar, the Cart, the Dancers, Dark Woman, Death-related customs, Dune, Earthquake, the Falcon, Flint, Gont Port, Hopeful, Middle Valley, Net House, Oak Farm, Ogion, Old Mage's House, Pack, Ships, Spark, Tehanu, Valmouth, Winter Carol

Other: Events relating to Ogion and Flint added to timeline; Ged profile updated with information from Tehanu

29–30 November 2004

Glossary items added or updated: Anieb, Animals, Ayo, Building materials, Closed Sea, Clothing, men's, Deyala, Disease, Ea, Early, Endlane, Food, Footwear, Forge, Geath, Gelluk, Havnor, Headgear, Heart of the Swan, Hound, Immanent Grove, Industry & technology, Kargs, Licky, Losen, Magewind, Mead, Metal refining, Midwifery, Mining, Morred's Isle, Nesty, Old Powers, Pendor, Plants, Roke, Rose of Endlane, Rose of Enlad, Samory, School of Wizardry, Songs & chants, Sparkweed, Travel & transport, Weatherworkers, Woodedge

Dictionary items added: esege, seoge

Other: Timeline updated with dates from the calendar given in Tales from Earthsea

24–27 November 2004

Glossary items added or updated: Aiman, Alder, Andrades, Ard, Ark, Armed Cliffs, Ath, Aspen, Ayeth, Azver, Base crafts, Bath tub, Berry, Book of Names, Book of the Dark, Brand, Calendar, Celibacy, Creation of Éa, Curer, Currency, Dark Years, Deed of Enlad, Deed of Erreth-Akbe, Denggemal, Disease, Dory, Dragonlord, Elehal, Emer, Ennas of Perregal, Eunuch, Festival of Sunreturn, Gemal Sea-born, Halkel, Havnorian Lay, Headgear, Heleth, Heru, High arts, Highdrake, Hupun, Inns, Irioth, Ismay, Ivory, Karego-At, King of All the Isles, Lament for the White Enchanter, Long Dance, Lord of Re Albi, Mages, Master Doorkeeper, Master Finder, Master Hand, Master Herbal, Master Patterner, Master Summoner, Master Windkey, Masters of Roke, Medra, Mirrors, Morred, O, One Priestess, Osskili, Overfell, Paln, Pint, Pody, Prostitution, Ring of Erreth-Akbe, San, Semel, Song of the Young King, Sorcerers, Sparkweed, Tawny, Thoreg of Hupun, Thorion, Wardens of the Place of the Tombs, Witches, Wizards, Women of the Hand, Yahan

Dictionary items added: aissadan verw nadannan, akath, akhad, alath, alherath, arhada, ayezur, azver, barrezú, edran, eduevana, essiri, feyag, feyagat, gadda, gaínha, ganaí, haath, hama Gondun, medeu, seyneha, siasa, Tehanu, therru, thesse Kalessin, turres, verw nadan, Yaved

Link added: The Immanent Grove Forum

Other: Indexing added to the glossary; all index links open in a new subwindow. This updates page added. Indexing commenced from Tales from Earthsea

15 November 2004

Site launched: 305 glossary entries; 41 words in dictionary; 46 timeline events; 9 links; character profile on Ged. All material relates to the original trilogy, A Wizard of Earthsea, The Tombs of Atuan & The Farthest Shore