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Recommended links for various fandoms, including fiction archives, fiction recommendations sites, fan & professional artwork, episode guides, information sites & author sites

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Recommended links

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Archive Of Our Own (AO3)
Large, rapidly growing fiction archive run by the Organization for Transformative Works. Good indexing for microfandoms. Host of the Yuletide exchange since 2009

Audiofic Archive
The main place to find audio readings of fanfiction; sadly dominated by a few fandoms, but there is much to explore

Crack Van
Recommendations live journal community, with at least one recommendation per week in multiple fandoms and some nifty fandom summaries

Fanfic Recs in Every Color of the Rainbow
A community for recommendations site updates, now on dreamwidth (replacement for Te's We Read Crap So You Don't Have To, now sadly defunct) (NEW)

Large fannish directory, with an emphasis on history & sociology of fandom; runs as a wiki

Dreamwidth community with thoughtful multifandom gen recs (NEW)

Glass Onion
Large multi-fandom archive, with above-average quality

Oblique Publications
Slash fanfiction in several fandoms, mainly older ones; pdf only. Includes large selection of Blake's 7 fiction by M Fae Glasgow & others

Remember Us
Archive of fiction focusing on characters of colour. Over 40 fandoms represented, from Alias to X-Men

Large multi-fandom archive for the Silverlake list, with above-average quality. Includes RPS. An excellent place for small fandoms

Large semi-selective multi-fandom archive; a particularly good place to find Harry Potter & Good Omens fiction

The Directorium
Fannish directory; runs as a wiki

While We Tell of Yuletide Treasure
Large archive covering a vast number of smaller fandoms, from the Aeneid to Zorro, based on the annual Yuletide exchange 2004–2008


All About Spike
Well-designed, medium-sized selective Spike-centric archive; no longer being updated

Better Buffy Fiction Archive
Medium-sized, searchable, selective archive of some of the fiction recommended by the BBF list. A good place to start

History Lessons
Fiction archive featuring past slayers from the Primal Slayer onwards, maintained by Kate Bolin. Also supplies a list of canon past Slayers, sourced from the show & novels

The Darker Side of Sunnydale
Medium-sized selective archive of non-fluffy BtVS fiction. No longer updating

When the Clock Strikes Challenge
Willow's spell called Slayers all around the world. This intriguing challenge encouraged writers to tell their stories

Blake's 7

One-stop shop for all your Blake's 7 needs; includes script transcripts, episode guide, Sevencyclopaedia, printzine listing & an archive of B7 fiction (mainly older stories), the largest on the web again, now that Hip Deep in Heroes is no more

Online archive for ttba, with fiction by Executrix, Hafren, Ika, Una McCormack & others

Dark is Rising

The Dark is Rising: A Fanfic Writers Guide
Glossary of the Dark is Rising universe

Doctor Who

A Teaspoon And An Open Mind
Large Doctor Who archive, organised by Doctor. Also includes Torchwood and the Sarah Jane Adventures


Firefly's Glow Archive
Big non-selective archive for all flavours of Firefly fanfiction

Good Omens

Good Omens Lexicon
Glossary of the Good Omens universe. Includes some fan art

Sherlock Holmes

Camden House
Complete illustrated version of Sherlock Holmes

A small archive of Sherlock Holmes slash fiction of above-average quality, plus useful collection of fanfiction links

Information page, including introductions to the novels/stories by Rosemary Michaud (View Halloa), plus lots of links. A good starting place

The Slasher's Annotated Sherlock Holmes
Communal project to annotate canon. Slash friendly, but not so exclusively so as the title might suggest


Smallville Fanfiction Resources
Episode guide, factfile, fiction recommendations & large links list. Good place to start for all things Smallvillean

Star Trek: Deep Space 9

DS9 fanfiction archive, featuring Nostalgia, Mosca, Tori Morris & others. Small but still active

Nonselective fiction archive for alt.startrek.creative. It's a bit like Star Trek's answer to, but unfortunately, I don't know of another large multi-author archive. Also runs the ASC awards

Una McCormack's Deep Space Nine Pages
DS9 fiction by Una McCormack, Henrietta Wotton & Cardie-ologist, Blake's 7 fiction by Una McCormack, plus assorted cult tv links


Anke Eissmann Tolkien illustrations
Large collection of watercolour illustrations by Anke Eissmann, for the Lord of the Rings, Silmarillion & Unfinished Tales. Each thumbnail is set in context with a quotation from the source

Comprehensive set of articles on Tolkien's invented languages

Encyclopedia of Arda
A very comprehensive Tolkien information site; not all the entries are 100% accurate, but it's a great place to start

Henneth Annun Story Archive (HASA)
Large selective archive of Tolkien fanfiction and poetry (Lord of the Rings, Silmarillion, and other books), including all genres and types. Members also get access to members' unpublished works, as well as useful resources

Jenny Dolfen's Elfwood gallery
Beautiful illustrations from The Silmarillion

John Howe: Illustrator
Gallery of illustrations of The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales & HoMe by John Howe, one of the best-known illustrators of the books, as well as one of the artists employed in the design of the Peter Jackson films. Many pictures have interesting annotations from the artist, and there's also a search facility

Mithril Awards
Archive for the Mithril Awards for Tolkien fanfiction, poetry & critical essays (2003–4)

Romancing the Jewels
Large archive of Silmarillion fanfiction; index links currently broken: refer to the Fanlore article contents

Silmarillion Writers' Guild
Large non-selective Silmarillion archive; mainly newer authors but some of the classics are archived here. Also runs challenges, including Back to Middle-earth Month

The Trees Remember
Medium-sized selective archive of Mirkwood fanfiction. No longer updating

Tolkien Fan Fiction
Nonselective Tolkien fiction archive & community for the Henneth Annun list; accepts all genres/types

West of the Moon
Selective archive of hobbit fanfiction & poetry

Ursula Le Guin – Earthsea

Earthsea Fanfiction Masterlist
Masterlist of stories & poems in the Earthsea universe

Earthsea Fiction
Community for fanfiction & poetry set in the Earthsea universe; runs occasional challenges & ficathons

The Isolate Tower
An Earthsea compendium: glossary, dictionary & factfiles about Ursula LeGuin's universe

Recommended authors

A Bit of Light
Lord of the Rings fiction & essays by Cara Loup, mainly focusing on Frodo & Sam, including the 'Five Elements' series, plus hobbit-focused links

Alawa's Prose & Poetry
Lord of the Rings fiction & poetry by Alawa, featuring Bilbo, Aragorn, Gilraen & some excellent original characters

Altariel & Isabeau
Tolkien fiction by Altariel & Isabeau, focusing mainly on Gondor & Dol Amroth

Silmarillion & Lord of the Rings adult fiction by Tyellas, focused on the Elves, plus her writings on sex, orcs & Tolkien. Also darkfic recommendations and Silmarillion links list

Arcady's DS9 Fanfiction
DS9 fanfiction with a Garak flavour by Arcady

Blood and Weetabix
Indri's Buffyverse fiction & recommendations

Deborah's Stories
Deborah's Silmarillion, Lord of the Rings & Babylon 5 fanfiction, including 'Father Maglor's Star' & 'Fire and Ice' series, plus art by Elizabeth Wyeth & others. Also Silmarillion & Babylon 5 recommended authors

Dweller in the Underground
Dwimordene's Lord of the Rings fanfiction & poetry, mainly featuring Aragorn, Halbarad & the Steward's family. Includes the 'Best-loved Son' series by Isabeau of Greenlea, Dwimordene & Altariel

Hafren's Gloomy Patch of the Forest
Hafren's Blake's 7 & Hornblower stories

If: Multifandom fanfic by Zara Hemla
Zara Hemla's writings in a whole host of fandoms

Fanfiction & vids by Shalott (aka Astolat), in a host of fandoms, small & large

Ithilwen's Silmarillion Fanfiction Page
Silmarillion fanfiction by Ithilwen, including 'The Maedhros Saga', plus some recommended Tolkien links

Rheanna's fiction: Buffyverse, Doctor Who and others

Penny Dreadful's Online Fanfiction
Blake's 7 fanfiction with just a hint of Travis, plus Buffyverse fic

Speak Again
Fanfiction & poetry by Wild Iris in the Arda- & Jossverses, among others

Stultiloquentia's Foolish Words
Stultiloquentia's poetry & prose in the Joss- & Ardaverses, plus thoughtful recs

Terra Incognita
Fanfiction by Jay Tryfanstone: Harry Potter, Batman & Highlander, plus a diverse range of other fandoms

Yahtzee Genre Edition
Yahtzee's Buffyverse fiction, plus a whole host of other fandoms I never knew she wrote in, including Alias, Harry Potter, Remington Steele, Smallville, Star Trek, Star Wars, Twin Peaks, X-Files, X-Men & others