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Batman films

The Kid from the Narrows by Ro

'You're too old for teddybears but you cling to something nonetheless. ...You fall asleep clutching the metal casing and wake with his symbol pressed deep into your palm.' Excellent use of a minor character to illuminate Batman and especially the city he patrols. The second-person narration works very nicely here (Batman Begins/Batman comics)

[Added 11/11/2008; Drama; 2500-6000; Batman films]

Lodestone by Eyebrow of Doom

'At the corner, a section of veneer the size of a silver dollar was missing, revealing chipboard beneath. Like Gordon's failings as a provider, this had a certain humble charm, but would become less charming over time.' Gritty portrait of Jim Gordon, full of well-chosen details (Batman Begins)

[Added 11/11/2008; Drama; 1000-2500; Batman films]

Such Deliberate Disguises by LC

'Out in the field, the post hanging bare.' Creepy character dissection, language precise as a scalpel (Batman Begins)

[Added 30/12/2005; Character Piece; 1000-2500; Batman films]

Tandem by Irisbleu

'His faithful Lady Liberty never disagreed with him. Ever.' This clever Harvey character study has a beautiful rhythm to it (The Dark Knight)

[Added 13/01/2011; Character Piece; <1000; Batman films]