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Beauty and the Beast (Disney)

Invisible by Miss Lanyon

'I remember. I was engaged to the miller's son, but he had not been caught by the Change. He had married the blacksmith's daughter less than a week after we disappeared.' An unusual take on the story, which focuses on the plight of the invisible servants. The ending is a little too clearly signalled, perhaps, but getting there is satisfying

[Added 28/05/2012; Romance/Erotica; 2500-6000; Beauty and the Beast (Disney)]

these long-prepared chains by Betony

'It took effect slowly. One morning the inhabitants of the little village that bordered the castle woke to find themselves every bit as hungry at they had been, as destitute and derelict, but possessed with a newfound buoyancy and a predilection for song.' Ingenious pre-story that turns details upside down to make sense of the film's set up and ties events more explicitly to the Revolution

[Added 26/12/2017; Drama; 1000-2500; Beauty and the Beast (Disney)]