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Lord of the Rings


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The Hour of Splendor by HF

Elrond reflects on the past as the Fellowship leaves Rivendell. A thoughtful and evocative take on this oft-written moment

[Added 16/12/2003; Character Piece; 1000-2500; Lord of the Rings; Characters: Elrond]

One Dark Night by Enros

Sympathetic look at the nature of the Uruk-hai. An extremely unusual premise

[Added 18/10/2002; Romance/Erotica; 2500-6000; Lord of the Rings; Characters: Elrond, Ugl˙k]

Sára-lissë by Erin's Daughter

Arwen's reflections at two points in her life. Luscious sensuous writing characterises this nicely shaped piece

[Added 16/12/2003; Romance/Erotica; 6000-20,000; Lord of the Rings; Characters: Arwen, Aragorn, Legolas, Elrond]