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Pirates of the Caribbean


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Bull in a China Shop by Gileonnen

'Cravats, as it turned out, got stuffed into a man's shirt.' One of the discoveries along the way as Pintel & Ragetti try to go straight

[Added 17/12/2003; Humour; <1000; Pirates of the Caribbean; Characters: Pintel, Ragetti]

Fortune and Favor by Firesignwriter

The Pearl is no more; Sparrow & Anamaria fall into Norrington's hands: what will he do with them? Jack's internal monologue is very believable, and Firesignwriter ably captures the complexities of Norrington's character. I'm not sure that the sequels quite match the power of the original, but they're also worth a look: Shorn continues Jack's story, while Days of Firsts & Nights of Lasts by Ladybee follow Anamaria

[Added 17/12/2003; Drama; 6000-20,000; Pirates of the Caribbean; Characters: Jack Sparrow, James Norrington, Anamaria, Gillette, Groves]

Hubris by Daft

'Your pride will be the death of you.' One of the very few stories to focus on the realities beneath the Disney sugar-coating

[Added 17/12/2003; Drama; 1000-2500; Pirates of the Caribbean; Characters: Bo'sun]