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Pirates of the Caribbean

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Harlots and Bones by Cavalorn

An unusual and extremely creepy vignette, worth reading for one simply superb phrase

[Added 17/12/2003; Drama; <1000; Pirates of the Caribbean; Characters: OCs]

Mermaid Kiss by Zara Hemla

' happened, and I know, for I was there.' Another tale to embellish the legend of Captain Jack Sparrow. Good command of detail and a quirky narrative voice make this vignette stand out from the crowd

[Added 17/12/2003; Drama; 1000-2500; Pirates of the Caribbean; Characters: Jack Sparrow, OC]

Parrot by Penknife

'"This is my parrot." He holds up what looks like an egg. It might be a parrot's egg. It might, for that matter, be a rock.' An inspired backstory for Sparrow, who remains perfectly in character in the Potterverse (PotC/HP)

[Added 07/08/2008; Character Piece; 2500-6000; Pirates of the Caribbean; Characters: Jack Sparrow, OCs; Crossover]

A Pirate's Life by Elspeth

In a fandom dominated by shorts, it's great to find a novel-length adventure that's a bit closer to the style of the movie. Set shortly after the film, 'A Pirate's Life' contains a nice blend of action and romance, and doesn't slip into the common mistake of over-sentimentalising Jack Sparrow. The style lurches around a bit in places, and the ending was weaker than I'd hoped, but on the whole, a good read

[Added 17/12/2003; Drama; >50,000; Pirates of the Caribbean; Characters: Jack Sparrow, James Norrington, Elizabeth Swann, Will Turner, Weatherby Swann, Anamaria, Gibbs, Gillette, OC]

Three Bells and Cockleshells by Rex Luscus

'His face was the color of bone. A black boat cloak billowed from his shoulders like smoke from a pyre, and his body seemed to waver and ripple, like the air over a volcanic vent.' Unusual AU coda to At World's End, with gorgeous description and a real fairy story feel. Magical

[Added 09/06/2011; Romance/Erotica; 2500-6000; Pirates of the Caribbean; Characters: James Norrington, Jack Sparrow, OC]