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in silence, and in splendor by mjules

'She thinks it was neater the first time, the way she grew inside her grave-clothes, inside the rituals of the Nameless Ones.' A beautifully written study of Tenar after Tombs that retreads some old ground, but emerges somewhere fresh by the end

[Added 29/10/2014; Character Piece; 1000-2500; Earthsea; Characters: Tenar, Ogion, Moss]

The Naming of Names by Victoria P.

'His eyes widen. "Orglath," he whispers, naming them in the Speech of the Making. She shivers involuntarily -- to name a thing is to call it, and the orglath are far too close for such casual mention.' Victoria does a surprisingly convincing job of melding Earthsea and Buffy canon in this short piece. I only wish it were longer!

[Added 15/12/2004; Drama; 1000-2500; Earthsea; Characters: Ged, Ogion, OC; Crossover]