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Dark is Rising

Merriman Lyon

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Watch for the Greenwitch by Selden

'In the light from the bonfire the Greenwitch rose up, tall and ragged against the sky, like something from long ago. Not the fine past of the grail, of long spears and iron, thorny, intricate poetry and patterns. Not even the past, thought Jane, of neat sharp flints laid out on red velvet under museum lights, axes and arrowheads. Something older, like rough rock, the rings of yellow lichen spreading out through the years like ripples from a stone thrown into still water.' The luscious description really makes this unusual slow-building horror story, which spins off Greenwitch

[Added 20/01/2012; Drama; 1000-2500; Dark is Rising; Characters: Jane Drew, Will Stanton, Merriman Lyon, Mrs Penhallow]