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Doctor Who

Rose Tyler

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18 Seconds by Kate Bolin

'He starts off by going north. Even though 'north' is a somewhat moot point when travelling in the five dimensions, it's still a place to start.' A neat character study of the Ninth Doctor. My favourite of the many stories that tell where/when the Doctor went in the titular 18 seconds

[Added 29/03/2007; Character Piece; 1000-2500; Doctor Who; Characters: Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Jackie Tyler]

The Polar Bears' Golf Club by Doyle

'Travelling with the Doctor, she'd sometimes thought about dying, but she'd never imagined it like this ... while she was posing as a schoolboy and wearing a really big false moustache.' Longer adventures are relatively rare in this fandom and this is a real treat, with just the right blend of slapstick humour, wacky action & clever plotting

[Added 05/08/2008; Drama; 2500-6000; Doctor Who; Characters: Rose Tyler, Ace, OCs]

The Ragged Edge by Jonquil

'On Gallifrey, each baby falls down only once.' Memorable short which captures both the alienness and the uniqueness of the Doctor

[Added 11/07/2008; Character Piece; <1000; Doctor Who; Characters: Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler]

A Triumph of Necessity by mswyrr

'The human body wasn't quite up to snuff.' Clever, funny & poignant, all at the same time. The shipper fic to end all shipper fic!

[Added 01/06/2005; Humour; <1000; Doctor Who; Characters: Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler]

The War to End All Wars by Snowballjane

A precisely characterised short story, with more of the feel of an episode than much Ninth Doctor fiction. While the WW1 setting is a common one, here it's used to good effect in drawing parallels with the Doctor

[Added 22/07/2005; Drama; 2500-6000; Doctor Who; Characters: Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler, OCs]