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Doctor Who

Eleventh Doctor

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A Change in the Wind by Beatrice Otter

'Domaripopexnal—currently calling herself 'Marie Babineaux,' and before that 'Mary Poppins,' and before that 'Maria Pabst'—studied the list of errands the housekeeper had given her when she and her charges had left the house that morning.' My favourite of several stories from Yuletide 2011 exploring this delightful premise. Domaripopexnal underlines how different the Doctor is from other Gallifreyans (Doctor Who/Mary Poppins)

[Added 27/05/2012; Drama; 1000-2500; Doctor Who; Characters: Mary Poppins, Eleventh Doctor; Crossover]

Errant by Novembersmith

'The money has blood on it, but gas stations attendants and truck stop waitresses don't seem to mind. It spends like it was clean, and he doesn't have to drive for anyone but himself, now.' Atmospheric vignette with a neat crossover idea. I haven't seen Drive, but this caught me in the first paragraph and didn't let me go (Doctor Who/Drive)

[Added 27/05/2012; Drama; 1000-2500; Doctor Who; Characters: The Driver, Amy Pond, Eleven; Crossover]