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The Hobbit


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Clarity of Purpose by Mithen

'"Seek for the shield which is oaken; in Khazad-dûm it dwells."' A rich, complex AU novel that fuses The Hobbit with LotR, in which the quest to destroy the Ring sets out 50 years earlier, & with a rather different Fellowship. Events start out mirroring LotR closely, but spiral further away as the novel unfolds; perhaps because of the time shift, things often turn out less tragically than in the original. Mithen explores novel regions of Middle-earth & provides a supporting cast of thousands, including Entwives & Blue Wizards. A real treat!

[Added 27/10/2017; Drama; >50,000; The Hobbit; Characters: Bilbo Baggins, Thorin Oakenshield, Arwen, Aragorn, Gandalf, Denethor, Théoden, Dís, Legolas, Gimli, Balin, Saruman, Galadriel, Alatar, Pallando, Fimbrethil, Thuringwëthil, Thráin, Dwalin; Crossover]