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Watership Down

Black Rabbit of Inlé

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Bright Moon, Who Goes Farther Still by Hossgal

'Little Moon had lost children to foxes and owls and the traps of men; to White Blindness, to weasels, and to suffocation in over-crowded warrens, to the claws of hawks and to her own bitter heart. And when Little Moon discovered that El-ahrairah had been addressed by Lord Frith, and turned away, her anger was deep.' Hossgal's ambitious story gives us the does' perspective not only on the events of Watership Down, but also on rabbit mythology. The novella's two strands weave together perfectly as the tale builds to its moving climax. A real treasure

[Added 10/11/2008; Drama; 6000-20,000; Watership Down; Characters: Hyzenthlay, Frith, El-ahrairah, Prince Rainbow, Black Rabbit of Inlé, Thethuthinnang, Blackavar, Bigwig, Hazel, Fiver, Woundwort, original characters]

Mixed Blessings by Astrokath

'The warrens of rabbits, the cities of man: they both rise and fall, and the soil always swallows them back into the ground again, as a doe spares her unborn kits from the trials and suffering of an unkind world.' A dark futurefic that plays with the notion that El-Ahrairah & the Black Rabbit are different aspects of the same deity. Unusual & memorable

[Added 11/08/2015; Drama; 1000-2500; Watership Down; Characters: Black Rabbit of Inlé, OCs]

The Story of Marli-hrair and the Black Rabbit of Inle by Edonohana

'We call her Marli-hrair [mother of a thousand] because she gave birth to so many large and healthy litters. What her real name was, nobody knows, nor does anyone now remember the name of her warren.' A beautiful & moving tale within a tale, which captures the feel of the original perfectly

[Added 04/08/2011; Drama; 1000-2500; Watership Down; Characters: Black Rabbit of Inlé, Bigwig, Fiver, Hyzenthlay, Hazel, Threar, original characters]

Strong Yet Weak by KaptainSarcasm

'"The Black Rabbit will challenge you, and you must win. Just know that you will keep running, my son, and you will become the thing of legends."' Excellent mingling of myth with present as a new adventure begins for Blackavar

[Added 30/12/2005; Drama; 2500-6000; Watership Down; Characters: Blackavar, El-ahrairah, Fiver, Black Rabbit of Inlé, original character]