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Twin Peaks

Margaret Lanterman (the Log Lady)

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Closing Doors by Amand r

'There was something in there. In the lights. On. Off. On. Off. They couldn't go on without going off, and they couldn't go off unless they were on. Off. On. On. Off. Off.' Darker than much Twin Peaks fanfiction – the fragments making up this piece have the feel of shards of glass. It wanders around a bit, with some of the viewpoints more enlightening than others, but the kick of an ending is worth the wait

[Added 28/05/2012; Drama; 2500-6000; Twin Peaks; Characters: BOB, MIKE, Margaret Lanterman, Laura Palmer, Windom Earle, Dale Cooper, Pete Martell, Harry Truman, Shelly Johnson, Heidi, Leland Palmer, OCs; Adult]

The Magician Longs To See by St Aurafina

'He identified Agent Horne by her age: she was the only female agent under thirty in the room. Neat and slender, she perched on an office chair as if it were a velvet covered throne, legs neatly crossed and a distant expression on her face.' This inventive novella-length case file, an X-Files crossover set ten years after the end of Twin Peaks, starts out slowly but soon accelerates to deliver just enough twists to satisfy. The Lynchian weirdness is dialled down a bit for my taste, but some unexpected insights into the characters' futures make up for any lack. There's also a prequel, Say Goodbye (To the World You Thought You Lived In), set immediately after the series (mind the warnings on this one)

[Added 10/01/2014; Drama; 20,000-50,000; Twin Peaks; Characters: Audrey Horne, Albert Rosenfield, Dale Cooper, BOB, Bobby Briggs, Mike Nelson, Donna Hayward, Denise Bryson, Johnny Horne, Margaret Lanterman, Deputy Hawk, ensemble, Fox Mulder, Dana Skully (X-Files), OCs; Crossover]

Pinion by Amand r

'John spent hours out in the leaves and owls, sawing, welding, wiring, creating their new life with his bare hands, every log, every curl of plaster a testament of his love, and she made curtains and tablecloths and re-upholstered furniture scavenged from the junkyard.' The Log Lady's backstory, dark as old engine oil

[Added 09/01/2014; Character Piece; 1000-2500; Twin Peaks; Characters: Margaret Lanterman, John Lanterman, OCs; Adult]