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Blake's 7

Del Tarrant

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A Marketable Commodity by Pat Jacquerie

The story that first got me into slash. Pat has turned an off-the-peg scenario into an outstanding example of what PWP should be, but often isn't: full of snappy dialogue & beautiful details, revealing of character, and, uh, hot…

[Added 16/04/2003; Romance/Erotica; 6000-20,000; Blake's 7; Characters: Del Tarrant, Kerr Avon]

Privilege by Susan Cutter

A powerful and disturbing story that takes one of the most abused fanfic scenarios, rape, and uses it to give a thoughtful exploration of class and privilege under the Terran Federation. 'Privilege' is fleshed out with some great details of Dome life, and features a very plausible and sympathetic voice for the 16-year-old Tarrant

[Added 30/10/2004; Drama; 6000-20,000; Blake's 7; Characters: Tarrant, Travis, OCs; Adult]