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Blake's 7


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Awake and Find No by Ika

A portrait of Servalan at a turning point in her life. Heart-rending and beautifully written, 'Awake and Find No' should come with a warning label -- it interweaves canon and invention so cleverly, so plausibly, that it infects the original episode on rewatching! One of my very favourites among Ika's fiction

[Added 13/01/2004; Drama; 2500-6000; Blake's 7; Characters: Servalan, Kerr Avon, OCs]

A Price to Pay by Julia Stamford

After the events on Gauda Prime, Servalan makes Avon an unusual offer. Well-written verbal sparring and an interesting & original premise combine to make this another of my favourites from Julia Stamford's varied portfolio

[Added 31/10/2004; Drama; 2500-6000; Blake's 7; Characters: Kerr Avon, Servalan]