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Blake's 7


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The Killer of Dole Nu Lin by Penny Dreadful

A futuristic fairy story, 'The Killer of Dole Nu Lin' steps beyond the B7 frame to examine identity, consciousness and the nature of humanity. Skilful characterisation, gritty sf, scrupulous attention to canonical detail, moving prose... Penny is an incredibly gifted writer, and this is quite simply one of the best sf stories I've ever read

[Added 16/04/2003; Drama; 6000-20,000; Blake's 7; Characters: Travis, Servalan, OC]

Privilege by Susan Cutter

A powerful and disturbing story that takes one of the most abused fanfic scenarios, rape, and uses it to give a thoughtful exploration of class and privilege under the Terran Federation. 'Privilege' is fleshed out with some great details of Dome life, and features a very plausible and sympathetic voice for the 16-year-old Tarrant

[Added 30/10/2004; Drama; 6000-20,000; Blake's 7; Characters: Tarrant, Travis, OCs; Adult]

The Seven Deadly Virtuals by Penny Dreadful

Written for the Seven Deadly Virtues challenge, Penny has produced a story that could easily be published as original sf, yet still reflects the heart of the show. Original, quirky, funny, memorable

[Added 21/12/2003; Drama; 2500-6000; Blake's 7; Characters: Roj Blake, Travis, OCs]

The Wit and Wisdom of the Dead by Neil Faulkner

A classic of B7 fanwriting, this extremely inventive story bends canon without ever breaking it. It's also one of the few in the fandom to run with the sf behind the series

[Added 16/04/2003; Drama; 6000-20,000; Blake's 7; Characters: Travis, Lurgen, OCs]