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Blake's 7

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11.50 PM by Emuna

'One point makes all the difference. You get a hundred, and you're an alpha. You get ninety nine, and you're a beta. For ever. No second chances.' A chilling reminder of what Blake's resistance movement means for ordinary Federation citizens

[Added 16/04/2015; Drama; 2500-6000; Blake's 7; Characters: OCs]

Face in the Crowd by Manna

A Federation Everyman considers Blake's revolutionary movement in this well-written and realistic short

[Added 16/04/2003; Drama; <1000; Blake's 7; Characters: OC]

Future Perfect by Ika

'I'm labour pool. This week my job is in Morsa. They're a mining corp with extensive interests in various planets, the names of which I forget as soon as I've copied them out.' Ika has a gift for finding new angles on the B7 universe via believable original characters. A standout piece from the excellent zine Sleer as Folk

[Added 15/12/2004; Drama; 6000-20,000; Blake's 7; Characters: Roj Blake, OCs]

Gemini Rising by Suzan Lovett

A young rebel clashes with the authorities. This thoughtful story is my favourite among Suzan's B7 fiction

[Added 21/12/2003; Drama; 6000-20,000; Blake's 7; Characters: Kerr Avon, Roj Blake, OC]

The Killer of Dole Nu Lin by Penny Dreadful

A futuristic fairy story, 'The Killer of Dole Nu Lin' steps beyond the B7 frame to examine identity, consciousness and the nature of humanity. Skilful characterisation, gritty sf, scrupulous attention to canonical detail, moving prose... Penny is an incredibly gifted writer, and this is quite simply one of the best sf stories I've ever read

[Added 16/04/2003; Drama; 6000-20,000; Blake's 7; Characters: Travis, Servalan, OC]

Memory is an Encumbrance by Julia Stamford

Mutoids are one of the more interesting properties of the Blake's 7 universe. Julia Stamford's moral fable runs with the titular line of dialogue from the mutoid in 'Duel', presenting thoughts on identity, personality & memory that reach well beyond the B7 setting. This was another of my very favourites from Emma Peel's stand-out zine I, Mutoid

[Added 31/10/2004; Drama; 2500-6000; Blake's 7; Characters: Kerr Avon, Roj Blake, Olag Gan, OC]

The Quibell Abduction by Lillian Shepherd (aka EPS)

Far too few B7 stories bother to take the crew off the Liberator, let alone take advantage of fanfiction's unlimited sfx budget to create a decent planet for them to land on or aliens for them to interact with -- so 'The Quibell Abduction' is a welcome break. With its excellent mix of adventure, sf & character interaction, this is a deserved fandom classic. If you like this, then I'd also recommend Lillian's The Haunting of Haderon, another much-reprinted novella that's newly available online

[Added 31/10/2004; Drama; 20,000-50,000; Blake's 7; Characters: Cally, Kerr Avon, OCs]

Relations by Penny Dreadful

One of my favourite stories in Emma Peel's excellent zine, I, Mutoid, Relations presents a hypothesis for the origin of mutoids that is as plausible as it is disturbing. There's also a wonderfully detailed picture of Dome life

[Added 21/12/2003; Drama; 6000-20,000; Blake's 7; Characters: Minor, OCs]

The Seven Deadly Virtuals by Penny Dreadful

Written for the Seven Deadly Virtues challenge, Penny has produced a story that could easily be published as original sf, yet still reflects the heart of the show. Original, quirky, funny, memorable

[Added 21/12/2003; Drama; 2500-6000; Blake's 7; Characters: Roj Blake, Travis, OCs]