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Jeeves & Wooster

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Jeeves and the Blessed Indiscretion by Shalott

'The rest proved remarkably straightforward, at least when one discounts the cat, the housemaid, and the fire…' Unusually for this fandom, Bertie is the prime mover in this deftly written piece, and the inevitable denouement is also accompanied by more than the usual dollop of plot

[Added 27/04/2006; Humour; 2500-6000; Jeeves & Wooster; Characters: Bertram Wooster, Reginald Jeeves, original characters]

Yes, Sir, Jeeves by Skyblue Reverie

'He was actually grasping and pulling at his hair as if he were trying to tear it out by the roots, which I had always thought was just something that novelists said to get across the idea that their protago-whatsit was in dire straits -- I'd never actually seen it done before.' Flawless pastiche & convincing OCs mark this tale of role reversal leading to self-discovery

[Added 03/01/2007; Humour; 6000-20,000; Jeeves & Wooster; Characters: Bertram Wooster, Reginald Jeeves, original characters; Adult]