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Vorkosigan series


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Captain Vorpatril's Plotbunnies (I) by Bracketyjack

'It was serendipity that her garden abutted an area of sulphides and oxides whose dull but determined colours she found pleasing, and chance that a cowbane spore could blow so far west and take root just where its lustrous ochre should so complement the oxide. But it was also beautiful, a conjunction only South Continent could produce...' Bracketyjack creates a strong voice for the unnamed mosaic maker in this tale of how Miles 'practically kidnapped' her. The strongest of four missing scenes from Captain Vorpatril's Alliance

[Added 04/08/2016; Drama; 2500-6000; Vorkosigan series; Characters: Mosaic maker, Miles Vorkosigan, Gregor Vorbarra, original characters]

The Offer by Beatrice Otter

'If Ezar had spared her life a decade ago, he would not kill her now for anything short of outright treason. She could say what she liked. That was the greatest freedom she could never have imagined, twelve years ago when she made her vows in the circle of groats.' A fascinating AU premise – it's Aral's sister who survives the massacre not Aral – thoughtfully carried through. I'd love to read more of this scenario

[Added 15/10/2015; Drama; 2500-6000; Vorkosigan series; Characters: Aral's sister, Ezar Vorbarra, Piotr Vorkosigan, Negri, OC]