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ST: Deep Space 9

Winn Adami

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Abraham's Son by Selena

'"You wanted to live," Winn stated in her calm, placid voice that made her sound deceptively grandmotherly, and Jake reminded himself that she was a dangerous woman who would undoubtedly file this conversation in her mind somewhere where she might use it against his father, if necessary.' Canon largely brushed the fascinating topic of the Prophets/Pagh Wraiths' ethics under the rug but luckily fanwriters have picked it up. This missing scene explores the aftermath of 'The Reckoning', with a perceptive look at what Jake & Winn might have in common

[Added 28/10/2017; Drama; 1000-2500; ST: Deep Space 9; Characters: Jake Sisko, Winn Adami, OC]

and i have told you this to make you grieve by Kangeiko

'"A man may survive on crumbs for a long time, it is true; but sooner or later a full meal is needed to replenish him." / An actual meal may prove more useful to the populace than a spiritual one, Jaro thought, but if a spiritual meal was all you had to offer, there was no point dreaming of hasperat.' Kangeiko explores the complexities of living under the Bajoran Occupation through the eyes of Jaro Essa (from 'The Homecoming'/'The Circle'/'The Siege'). Precise details make the setting come alive

[Added 04/10/2013; Character Piece; 2500-6000; ST: Deep Space 9; Characters: Jaro Essa, Winn Adami, OCs]

Chosen by Selena

"Undoubtedly, the Prophets would allow her to show him the error of his ways, in time." A tantalisingly brief glimpse at an early chapter in Winn's life

[Added 15/12/2004; Drama; <1000; ST: Deep Space 9; Characters: Winn Adami]

In the Fire Caves by Deborah

'Sometimes the Prophets speak to us in flame.' A powerful & thought-provoking portrait of Winn Adami which fits neatly into the spaces in canon

[Added 30/12/2005; Drama; 6000-20,000; ST: Deep Space 9; Characters: Winn Adami, Dukat, Pah-wraiths]

Orfeo by Macedon

'It was the voice of God calling the world into creation, the primeval dawn, and Jake could not listen hard enough.' Macedon cleverly uses an unusual OC to probe the prejudices of the denizens of DS9 in this fandom classic. The two sequels in the Jeu-Parti series worked less well for me

[Added 14/07/2009; Drama; 6000-20,000; ST: Deep Space 9; Characters: Jake Sisko, Benjamin Sisko, Winn Adami, OC]