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ST: Deep Space 9

Kasidy Yates

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In Due Season by Beatrice Otter

'She sighs in relief as she slips the tightest of the shackles of linear time that have bound her, however imperfectly.' Sarah Sisko's story was never fully explored in canon, and hasn't inspired as much fanfiction as it should. This vignette takes an appropriately non-linear look at the Prophet's side of the story. The author's What You Know gives an important viewpoint that was never voiced on the show

[Added 11/01/2014; Character Piece; 1000-2500; ST: Deep Space 9; Characters: Sarah Sisko, Joseph Sisko, Benjamin Sisko, Kasidy Yates]

The Life That Is Waiting by Lunabee

'She spends most of her free time on the Promenade with Jake, one arm around his shoulders and the other cradling the curve of her belly, watching the cosmos fracture again and again through a viewport. But Ben never comes.' Delicate portrait of Kasidy, and Bajor, after the finale. Sweet but not sentimental

[Added 24/08/2013; Character Piece; 1000-2500; ST: Deep Space 9; Characters: Kasidy Sisko, Kira Nerys, Ezri Dax, Ishka, Lwaxana Troi]