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ST: Deep Space 9


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Lead, Kindly Light by Tree and Leaf

'Horran's prophecies reminded them that the Prophets could be sought and found in the ordinary and every day, in spring wine shared with a friend, in sowing seeds and bringing in the harvest, in birth and in death.' A thoughtful short which explores Bajoran beliefs, as Opaka ponders her fate

[Added 18/01/2014; Character Piece; <1000; ST: Deep Space 9; Characters: Opaka]

Two Worlds by Deborah Judge

'She remained in that cave for two weeks, this strange cave that glittered of glass and metal. It had been a spaceship, an ancient spaceship from before science was lost on this world.' An unusual possibility for how Opaka might have been selected Kai. Deborah is adept at stretching canon until it almost snaps to let fresh air blow around familiar situations

[Added 18/01/2014; Romance/Erotica; <1000; ST: Deep Space 9; Characters: Opaka, Elim Garak, Enabran Tain]