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ST: Deep Space 9


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Absinthe Heart by Seema

' "Consider it part of my Hemingway phase," she says as you hand her the drink. / You don't know who Hemingway is nor do you care -- unless he walks into the bar and orders a round of the foul smelling green stuff for everyone.' Lovely precise characterisations as Quark and Ezri almost connect

[Added 15/12/2004; Character Piece; 1000-2500; ST: Deep Space 9; Characters: Ezri Dax, Quark]

F is for Ferengi (The Tongo Remix) by Cosmic llin

'It was going to make a terrific story. She could only dine out on Curzon's exploits for so long.' Cosmic llin captures Jadzia's playfulness and unquenchable curiosity, as she has a ball on Ferenginar in this unusual vignette. Great fun!

[Added 25/05/2012; Romance/Erotica; 1000-2500; ST: Deep Space 9; Characters: Jadzia Dax, Ishka, Quark]

The Long Haul by Yahtzee

"It's not as though the Starfleet people will be here very long. They'll blow in, full of themselves and proud of their wealth, pretending to be the saviors of the Bajoran people." This quiet character piece, set immediately before the series starts, just matures with each rereading

[Added 15/12/2004; Character Piece; 1000-2500; ST: Deep Space 9; Characters: Odo, Kira Nerys, Quark]

Marketing by Miggy

' "Your honor," he said in his most obsequious tones. "It is hardly a new business model to involve existing personalities in the pleasurable storylines of holosuites…' Comedy is so hard to write well, but I think Miggy really pulls it off here

[Added 15/12/2004; Humour; 1000-2500; ST: Deep Space 9; Characters: Quark, Martok, Sirella]

Quark's Day by Selena

Lovely subtle group characterisation, which highlights just how the war has changed the denizens of DS9. Also features a cute cameo courtesy of a crossover, but I won't spoil the surprise by revealing the fandom

[Added 07/07/2004; Character Piece; 6000-20,000; ST: Deep Space 9; Characters: Quark, Odo, Jadzia Dax, Benjamin Sisko, Elim Garak, Miles O'Brien, Julian Bashir, Kira Nerys, Worf, Rom, Nog, Morn; Crossover]