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Havelock Vetinari

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The Case of the Vanishing Vampire by Adaptation Decay

'Visit shot a sideways look at Reg Shoe which said "Yeah? Well look at the evidence. The children of Om ascend to heaven when they die and you're still here."' A novella-length casefile in which Reg Shoe & Visit-The-Ungodly-With-Explanatory-Pamphlets form an unlikely investigative duo. A little rough around the edges, perhaps, but well worth a try for the solid mystery laced with a broad streak of humour

[Added 25/11/2011; Drama; 6000-20,000; Discworld; Characters: Reg Shoe, Visit-The-Ungodly-With-Explanatory-Pamphlets, Sam Vimes, Havelock Vetinari, Carrot Ironfoundersson, Otto von Chriek, Cheery Littlebottom, original characters]

Certainties by Nomad

'It's common knowledge that to summon Death, you need skulls, rams' horns, dribbly candles, an octogram and a great deal of chanting. It's slightly less common knowledge that all you actually need are a few sticks and four cc of mouse blood, or possibly a fresh egg.' Nomad's got Pratchett's style down, and this reads just like a missing fragment of canon, with a pitch-perfect voice for Vetinari

[Added 29/10/2014; Character Piece; 2500-6000; Discworld; Characters: Havelock Vetinari, Death, Rufus Drumknott, Sam Vimes]

Harmless by Kanna Ophelia

'"Nevertheless," said Vetinari, "you have to admit that the hole in the wall was distinctly Golem shaped."' A bit rough around the edges, but catches Pratchett's broad humour better than much fanfiction. There's a cute stealth crossover to look out for, too

[Added 21/09/2012; Humour; 2500-6000; Discworld; Characters: Havelock Vetinari, Adora Belle Dearheart, Cheery Littlebottom, Dorfl, Detritus, original characters]

Like Clockwork by Halotolerant

'They move on like mechanical figures in an ornamental clock: set on their tracks, ever repeating, ever smooth and ordered, ever prevented from collision.' Vetinari isn't one of the Discworld characters that I know, but this precise & subtle study makes me want to. Highly recommended

[Added 28/01/2011; Character Piece; 1000-2500; Discworld; Characters: Havelock Vetinari, Rufus Drumknott]

'Tis Impossible To Be Sure Of Any Thing by Karanguni

'There was almost a sense that he'd cheated somehow; as though seeing Death around the corner during some of his assignments was some kind of unfair advantage that the gods had extended a scholarship boy.' Winds neatly around canon to a perfect ending that could easily have been written by Pratchett

[Added 15/04/2015; Drama; 6000-20,000; Discworld; Characters: Moist von Lipwig, Havelock Vetinari, Death, Lu Tze, Rufus Drumknott, Leonardo da Quirm]