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Mustrum Ridcully

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Going It Alone by Nomad

'You couldn't feed a goat in a dress with ribboned sleeves, or walk a mile through the woods in shoes with pointed toes. But a good bit of lace would strain tea, and beads would fill a tin can noise-maker to scare the birds, and there was never any shortage of uses for unravelled wool and scraps of cloth.' Nomad laces the wicked humour with pathos in this portrait of the young Esme Weatherwax, as sharp as the witch herself

[Added 04/10/2013; Character Piece; 1000-2500; Discworld; Characters: Esmerelda Weatherwax, Mustrum Ridcully, Gytha Ogg, OCs]

The Rules by Gileonnen

'There aren't very many rules, when one is a wizard. Or rather, there are very few rules that one might conceivably break twice.' Clever coming-of-age tale with a wonderful Pratchettesque style

[Added 20/05/2009; Humour; 2500-6000; Discworld; Characters: Original characters, Ponder Stibbons, Mustrum Ridcully]