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James T Kirk

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Need To Know by Ellen Fremedon

'Taste, he'd said; and the first analogy he'd leapt to had been one of criticism—of appreciation. This wasn't just a metallurgical sample to the kid; it was a gourmet meal, or a box of truffles.' Ellen explores what it means for Jack Harkness to be pansexual, with some really unusual food porn (ST:TOS/Whoniverse)

[Added 16/10/2015; Romance/Erotica; 6000-20,000; ST: TOS/AOS; Characters: Jack Harkness (Whoniverse), Dahai Lohor Naraht, Montgomery Scott, James T. Kirk; Crossover]

Three Fates, Watching by Kangeiko

'He is six years old, and there is a fat, squirming batch of new memories deposited into his cortex, crawling blinding through his thoughts to find room to grow and fester in the night.' The idea that the Blake's 7 & Trek Federations are mirrors of each other is widespread, but this clever & unsettling story is the first I've seen to run with the notion (TOS Mirrorverse/B7)

[Added 03/09/2009; Drama; 1000-2500; ST: TOS/AOS; Characters: James T Kirk, Sam Kirk, Winona Kirk, George Kirk; Crossover]

The Word for World Is— by Laura JV

' "We are the people of the mountain, and the desert, and the well. I build on the mountain, the highest mountain of Vik, where Laktra meets the sea. Perhaps one day we will be a people of the sea, as well, but we will always need the mountain." ' This interwoven short is at its best in the bittersweet depiction of Vulcan culture. Beautiful

[Added 16/07/2009; Drama; 1000-2500; ST: TOS/AOS; Characters: Spock, James T. Kirk, Nyota Uhura, Sarek, OCs]