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Hell Money by FayJay

'Hell Money' is the story that first made me realise that crossovers can be made to work. It crosses Smallville with Angel S2, and knowledge of both is required, but for those who love both series, it packs a resounding punch into fewer than a thousand words. Strongly recommended. If you enjoyed 'Hell Money', then give No Fury a try -- another very clever Smallville crossover

[Added 13/01/2004; Humour; <1000; Smallville; Characters: Lionel Luthor, Holland Manners (AtS); Crossover]

Quid Quo Pro by Smitty

This well-crafted short story deals with Lillian's death without over-sentimentality, and includes a childhood Lex I can believe in

[Added 13/01/2004; Drama; 2500-6000; Smallville; Characters: Lex Luthor, Bruce Wayne; Crossover]