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The Girl in the High Castle by Mosca

'They're not here to win the war; they're here to hold the line, to gain the advantage, to put the right things in the wrong shells and fight the laws of thermodynamics.' This Season 5 AU picks an interesting point to diverge from canon, and develops a believable Fred voice

[Added 01/06/2005; Drama; 2500-6000; Angel; Characters: Fred Burkle, Illyria]

Honour by Roz Kaveney

'Not making ancient demon godthings like they used to, clearly.' Set after 'Not Fade Away', 'Honour' is one of the best stories I've encountered that attempt to look into Illyria's head; Roz not only nails her attitude, but also pays attention to her nature, her history, her Fredness. All that plus a very cute bonus of an ending (AtS/BtVS)

[Added 02/11/2004; Character Piece; 1000-2500; Angel; Characters: Illyria, Willow Rosenberg]

Lost in the Supermarket by Lint

'"If you behave yourself," he offers, "I'll let you push the trolley." ' It's a bit rough around the edges, perhaps, but this quiet piece is well worth a try for its plausible characterisation of Illyria

[Added 09/08/2004; Character Piece; 2500-6000; Angel; Characters: Illyria, Wesley Wyndham-Price]

Things Left Undone by Minnow

Twelve vignettes about things left undone after the Angel finale. The best piece I've seen to follow 'Not Fade Away' without taking away from the episode's impact. Some of the pieces are more interesting than others, but the whole is definitely worth a try

[Added 02/11/2004; Drama; 6000-20,000; Angel; Characters: Minor, Connor, Illyria, Kate Lockley, Faith, OCs]