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Howl's Moving Castle

Howl and Calcifer by JM Torres

'...Even though his heart was three feet away from his chest, cradled with Calcifer in his palm, its valves still opened on his veins, and his blood still flowed through its chambers.' An insightful short that highlights the differences between our world & Ingary. Sweet but not saccharine

[Added 07/12/2011; Character Piece; <1000; Diana Wynne Jones – Howl's Moving Castle]

starfall by Betony

'The star spluttered with rage, but then quieted, just as Lily was about to drop it and run. "I suppose," it said silkily, "that you can't help it. Quite all right. It's not your fault that you're not clever enough."' An interesting origin story for the Witch of the Waste that weaves together many threads from the source, and succeeds, in the end, in making her sympathetic

[Added 11/08/2015; Character Piece; 1000-2500; Diana Wynne Jones – Howl's Moving Castle]