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Historical RPF

Amongst the Black-Haired People by Daegaer

'It was beneath Pu-abi's dignity to notice either the kindness or the disrespect of one who had been her slave for so long, so she kept her silence as Gurun carefully wiped her mouth and helped her to stand ready to wear the gold and lapis that an eresh should wear in the sight of all but their closest servants.' Daegaer has conjured a fascinating tale of political intrigue and peopled it with a cast of strong women, determined to make their lives -- and deaths -- serve their cause

[Added 06/06/2012; Drama; 2500-6000; Historical RPF]

Clap, Damn You by Emily Shore

'It was not easy being an operatic muse when your natural vocal endowments meant that you were cut out for a life as a tenor--or possibly a baritone, who could be certain?--in the BBC Singers.' Britten, Pears & the genesis of Gloriana. Believable characterisations & a delightful wry humour

[Added 01/02/2011; Humour; 2500-6000; Historical RPF]

Descent by Emilyenrose

'"Marcus Tullius Cicero," said Marcus. / The secretary looked as startled as if he'd claimed to be Mithras risen. After a moment of awkward silence one of the freedmen – Marcus didn't see which – hissed, "The younger."' The characters really come alive in this timeless tale of fathers and sons who don't live up to them

[Added 27/05/2012; Drama; 6000-20,000; Historical RPF]

The Queen and the Soldier by Hafren

'She has never seen why being what the world calls old should change the way she looks at handsome young bodies.' This clever weaving together of legends brings the 10th century Queen Gunnhild to life

[Added 04/08/2011; Drama; 2500-6000; Historical RPF]

Quod Me Nutrit Me Destruit by Rexluscus

'At the sight of her new husband's handiwork, the sweet-faced boy playing Zenocrate wore a bloodthirsty smile of frank erotic promise far beyond what a child of his age ought to have been able to imagine, let alone perform. It left Will feeling lightheaded.' This take on Marlowe through Shakespeare's eyes runs with the William Hughes theory for the sonnets' dedicatee. Gleefully anachronistic & enormous fun

[Added 04/10/2013; Drama; 6000-20,000; Historical RPF]

Saving Mrs. Fleming by Selena

'Truth to tell, Mary had struggled with her ending. She always did. She had also struggled with what the secret would be. Her first idea had been for Julian's father to have been a man loving other men, a Greek hero lost in the wrong era, who'd tried to live the horrible married life and failed.' Intriguing take on what might have happened had Hitchcock tried to make a film out of Renault's Return to Night. Selena knows her Hollywood & the creative differences that inevitably follow are a hoot, but the meat of the piece is Hitchcock's unexpected empathy for Renault's situation

[Added 12/08/2015; Drama; 6000-20,000; Historical RPF]

Still Climbing After Knowledge Infinite by Aquila

'The rhythm of each line drives the play forward as much as Alleyn's performance does, serves as a heartbeat underneath the action. Will's veins throb to its time; indeed, his very bones seem to pulse with it.' It's hard to capture Shakespeare the writer, but Aquila pulls it off here at the beginning of his career. But it's the snappy dialogue that really makes this piece, balancing modern & archaic, realistic & performed

[Added 29/05/2012; Romance/Erotica; 6000-20,000; Historical RPF]

Surpassingly by Skazka

'Perhaps he's inventing something out of whole cloth to pretend he had a life before being loved.' Antinous, beautiful & beloved of an emperor, contemplates his fate. A thoughtful study of power imbalance, chilling yet plausible

[Added 28/10/2014; Romance/Erotica; 1000-2500; Historical RPF; Adult]