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Little House on the Prairie

Little House After the End by Fera Festiva

'In the afternoons, once the dishes were done, Laura and Mary could do as they liked, so long as they did not go outside the fence. Mary would stay in the house and mend her padded armour, or sew on the nine-patch quilt she was making. But Laura liked to help Pa with the planting.' The tone of the Little House series is strangely perfect for the zombie apocalypse, and the details of this post-apocalyptic yet charming world are well chosen

[Added 28/02/2014; Humour; 2500-6000; Little House on the Prairie]

Little Settlement on the Moon by Rina

'Pa...had been learning about the new-fangled idea of hydroponic farming. Imagine - all that good food, no worries about weather or grasshoppers!' Rina uses prosaic little details to make the impossible premise surprisingly believable. The upcoming titles list at the end is a hoot

[Added 06/08/2009; Humour; 1000-2500; Little House on the Prairie]