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Liminality by Jay Tryfanstone

'Inland, the fringed reeds hanging over the drainage ditches and the stubborn, salt-stiff grasses of the sea wall could have been the painted, sepia foliage of a dining room frieze. Even the tide was slow and sullen, unbreaking, as if some great beast rose through the sea towards the shore.' A shuddery little story for Samhain. The author's usual tight grasp on Sutcliff's descriptive prose brings the autumnal landscape to life

[Added 14/01/2019; Drama; 1000-2500; Rosemary Sutcliff – Outcast]

Sons From the Sea by Isis

'One afternoon on the beach he found a stone that was a deep and lustrous orange-red, the color of the anemones that had carpeted the hillsides near his father's house. It had been polished by the waves to a smooth round shape that fit just inside his palm, comforting in its weight.' An enjoyable happy-ending AU in which Jason survives, with a strong structure enlivened by colourful details

[Added 17/04/2015; Drama; 2500-6000; Rosemary Sutcliff – Outcast]

A Straight Road by Isis

'...he imagined the road as being all of the world, and the stones laid for its bed all the peoples of the world, and the road that was to be, that would carry travelers from one place to another, something to connect them all.' A thoroughly appropriate character study of Justinius the engineer, cleverly structured around a Roman road (complete with diagram!). Thoughtful & moving

[Added 14/01/2019; Character Piece; 1000-2500; Rosemary Sutcliff – Outcast]