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Pride & Prejudice

The Pine-Apple of Discord by A T Rain

'There are certain married couples who are in the habit of speaking without words, whose mutual sympathy is so deep that every glance carries a world of meaning. Mr. and Mrs. Collins were not, ordinarily, one of those couples.' An unusually sympathetic look at the Collins' marriage, with spot-on characterisations of both Charlotte & her husband

[Added 06/08/2015; Humour; 1000-2500; Jane Austen – Pride & Prejudice]

Profanation of Our Joys by Malini

'I can say what I will of him without fear of contradiction, as a nobody in a sea of nobodies, and I am absurdly injured to be beneath contempt. Have I ever sought anything other than his contempt? His friendship got me nowhere.' Pride & Prejudice slash is hard to pull off, but Malini weaves Darcy/Wickham into canon so thoroughly that it underlies all Wickham's actions

[Added 25/08/2013; Romance/Erotica; 2500-6000; Jane Austen – Pride & Prejudice]