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Rivers of London series

Birdcage by Philomytha

'Any police service takes the disappearance of an officer extremely seriously, and I'd studied all the proper procedures. The trouble was, they all started with notifying the missing officer's line manager. And I had no idea who Nightingale's line manager was, or if he even had any superior officers apart from the Home Secretary and the Commissioner. And it wasn't as if I had either of them on my speed-dial.' Peter takes centre stage in this satisfying, close-to-canon adventure novella, set during the London Olympics. Philomytha, like Aaronovitch, excels at creating odd corners of the capital, and unlike him, spares a thought for the ethical issues arising from Moon over Soho

[Added 18/10/2017; Drama; 20,000-50,000; Rivers of London series]

Folly To Be Wise by Philomytha

'London is constantly being destroyed and recreated, old buildings improved, extended, knocked down, blown up and redeveloped into something new.' Atmospheric ghost story that builds on the fallout from Ettersberg and feels just like a missing case from canon. Philomytha gives us some interesting insights into Nightingale's youth & the history of magical practice in this universe, too. I'm still avoiding spoilers in this fandom but I also enjoyed her earlier casefic, Pest Control

[Added 28/10/2014; Drama; 6000-20,000; Rivers of London series]

J'attendrai by Quasar

'His suit jacket was of good quality but altered rather than bespoke, and the style was unfamiliar - not Continental, perhaps American? He hadn't bothered with a tie or hat or waistcoat. As he dodged out from behind the anxious mother I realised he was a Negro or mixed race, which seemed to strengthen the American hypothesis.' An intricately plotted time-travel novel, which never confuses as it slowly unfurls, despite the frequent time jumps. The device neatly bypasses the mentor/student taboo, and offers a series of intriguing glimpses into Nightingale's long life

[Added 18/10/2017; Drama; >50,000; Rivers of London series]