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Goblin Market

The Illusionist by Stultiloquentia

'In daylight, he was both fox and not-fox; eyes too large and paws too dexterous, and a coat that seemed to shift as she watched, now a red summer pelt, now a man's quilted jacket, now a weaving of leaves and bark.' A thoughtful, slow-building prequel to the poem, which puts a clever twist on Jeanie's story and brings the goblins to life

[Added 01/02/2011; Drama; 2500-6000; Goblin Market]

Nectar of the Honeymen by Borusa

'The honeymen do not sell their drug. You cannot buy it in a little pouch; you cannot take it home in a vial. They guard its secret jealously, because they could not stand competition.' An inventive re-envisioning of the poem in a dystopic future, featuring a wonderful Lizzie, grimly practical in her love for her sister

[Added 29/10/2014; Drama; 1000-2500; Goblin Market]

Queer Fruits by Mayhap

'She peeped from beneath the lowered golden fringe of modest maiden lashes and she peered around fingers and handkerchiefs and fans and she darted glances as swift as arrows, as mild as doves, as knowing as serpents.' Lush overblown language & a profusion of striking images mark this subversive prequel to the poem

[Added 01/02/2011; Romance/Erotica; 1000-2500; Goblin Market]