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Science RPF

The Ordinary Operations of Nature by Sharksdontsleep

'My mother ... fears the dangers of a turned Ankle or my being lost to the Waves of the Sea. But I feel as though I must - the Divine has blessed me with some sense of these things, and I must do my part to reveal what the Creator has given us, that through hammer and chisel we might search for the evidence of Things not yet seen.' Mary Anning's correspondence with Charles Lyell starts by charting Anning's journey from sycophancy to anger, and then takes an entirely unexpected direction, which I won't spoil here. Unusual & atmospheric

[Added 25/12/2017; Character Piece; 2500-6000; Science RPF; Crossover]

The Saga of Hearthruler Whitebeard and Snowsgrace Dreamfinder by Melannen

'All knew it was a place of great power, for the Old Ones had built a massive earthen rampart around it, in the shape of the storm's lightning, and in the center of the ramparts were many great standing stones with inscriptions of wisdom on them, and more hidden knowledge as well, in places known only to the most powerful of the priests.' A hugely enjoyable fusion which places 19th C London cholera outbreak figures into an original future based on the nuclear waste disposal report -- the kind of story that's one of Yuletide's joys. The saga voice is charming, the characters shine in their odd setting, and I particularly loved the investigation. My favourite of several interesting takes on the report for Yuletide 2016

[Added 24/12/2017; Drama; 2500-6000; Science RPF]