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Silver Branch

A Siren Call by Riventhorn

'The Aquila family has a proud heritage of British and Roman blood, as many of our families do. Certainly I should like to see the fortunes of our land raised and suitable honor accorded to us—honor that cannot come when one is treated as the backwater of the empire, a dull and barbarous place that must accept the dregs of the senate chambers and barracks.' Three excellent Honoria stories were written in the 2014 Sutcliff Swap. 'A Siren Call' is perhaps my favourite for its proud, brusque Honoria, its friendships between women, and its window into a part of Romano-British history that Sutcliff never gave us

[Added 17/04/2015; Character Piece; 2500-6000; Rosemary Sutcliff – Silver Branch]