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Welsh mythology

all that's best of dark and bright by Betony

'You are my son, that is true; your hair yellow as your great-uncle's gold and your belt heavy with the very blade I gave you and your hand caught in matrimony with the woman my brother created for you.' Neat reworking of the Mabinogion from Arianrhod's side, with a lovely narrative voice

[Added 30/10/2017; Character Piece; 1000-2500; Welsh mythology]

Three fillings of Prydwen by CenozoicSynapsid

'You're not supposed to think of the rest of the men, the ones who died on the way. They don't have names. They're not who the story is about.' CenozoicSynapsid uses a brilliant female viewpoint to draw parallels between Y Gododdin & The Spoils of Annwn, and by extension other acts of male heroism, in this clever & moving tale-within-a-tale

[Added 09/08/2015; Drama; 1000-2500; Welsh mythology]